Photos of Brierley – Spot the Difference

I am crap. I did a poll ages ago asking people to suggest things they would like to see round about where I live. I never got round to doing it and I’ve completely forgotten when I did the blasted poll.

One of the big long barn houses in Brierley got demolished on Wednesday. It is dead sad. Where once stood an 18th century house now stands a pile of rubble and mechanical diggers. Of course I need not even hint at what is being built in it’s place because you all know LUXURY FLATS will be built there. LUXURY FLATS. Its fucking BRIERLEY! The height of luxury in Brierley is running water on a fucking Sunday! So no…the building has gone and in its place 2×4 rabbit hutches are being thrown up, no doubt to be pulled down again in 10 years because they’re made of toothpaste or something. Things like that really make me cross.

Anyway, lets play spot the difference




Of course, I understand that things need to progress and buildings become unsafe and that but when we moved into the area, in the space behind that building existed a lovely Victorian school. This too faced the bulldozer. Theres a really sound local geezer (who says I fucking swear online too fucking much) who has a website with pictures of the old school on it. I agree the school looked shabby and decrepit but with the correct investment the school, the long barn house and the old spooky house that used to stand the other side of the church, could have been renovated and helped to keep the village character. Instead there will be multi-occupancy buildings crammed with people, no infrastructure to support the growth in population, an increase in traffic through the village and all the anti-social crap that comes with it.

There is a lovely green field behind my house with horses in it. Beyond that is a horrible modern housing estate with nasty tiny roomed 3 storey town houses. I feel it in my bones that the field will be sold to redevelopers and the horses, the lovely wildlife, the birds, the badgercat, the doves and the toads will all go to make way for horrid concrete and smelly shouty unwashed people. Oooooooh it really makes me cross it does. Across the road at the other side of my house exists another lovely meadow which too will no doubt be built on and destroyed forever. I’ve seen it happen in Woolton when I grew up there and I’m watching it happen in Brierley. It will all end in tears and overcrowding.

Anyway, enough about that…..

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