A funny thing happened on my way to the Forum…

A weekend full of surprises.

Friday night was mostly spent wrestling with Drupal with intention to hve a nifty design for Mrs Gnomepants’ company website. I’ve used Drupal as CMS engine on muckybadger but as quickly as I worked out what something did I forgot what the thing I worked out previously did. So when it came to Sunday night I was ready to chuck the fucking thing through the window. Though I also managed a little tripette down to the Three Horseshoes which was a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon

Saturday was a very eventful day. It started out with the intention to invade Wakefield for an hour or two so I could have a quiet pint or two reading a book. I had intended to be there for 1230 and back home for 2pm. The plan was then to do some minor DIY and then watch Doctor Who. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, I am currently experiencing 14 weeks of social events and unprecedented popularity (The more observant will note that this is the exact length of time the current series of Doctor Who runs at. We are now approximately half way through the current run. So far I have only managed to be home without visitors or interruptions on a Saturday night once in the past 7 weeks. That was last weekend and Doctor Who was postponed because of the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m starting to think maybe I should concentrate on watching something shit like Songs Of Praise or Animal Park Zoo Thing With Ben Fogel and That Awful Woman instead). Anyway. Best laid plans and that.

The first change to plan came as the wife, who was supposed to be giving me a lift into Wakefield, revealed to me (mid-journey) that we were making a pit stop to her sisters for cake and lunch. While there, we got a call from jimrock announcing a visit, which we were very pleased to hear about. So at 14:30, while I sat in a pub in Wakefield supping ale and reading a book (We left the wife’s sisters at 13:00 hrs (an hour later than I planned) , had to stop off for petrol (massive queues) and find a parking space (yeah right)) the wife went rummaging round the market in an attempt to find some Venison for tea. The lack of venison was shocking. Considering it is the meat of the moment, not only is it overpriced but it also appears that not as many butchers as you’d think stock the stuff (without pre ordering). Even Allum’s didn’t have any.

Anyway, after a miniature visit from the wife’s ex-boss’-ex-ex-wife and some fervent cooking our weekend guests, jimrock & Becky arrived. It was really good to see them. After our dinner we adjourned to the Three Horseshoes (at Brierley as jimrock pointed out) for some alcoholic refreshment and chat. On our way, out a mysterious man (not a strange government type with Raybans and black suit, but casual clothing and a cheery smile (He could be a member of the sinister WDH though I doubt it)) approached me and commended me for this journal. I suddenly realised that this was the mysterious commenter so I shook his hand and thanked him for reading. The wife, jimrock and Becky found it amusing that a complete stranger should approach me and profess to being a reader of my journalling. I must say I did find it amusing too 🙂

Sunday the wife and I and the in laws pobbled over to Holmfirth. If you are familiar with the BBC “Comedy” Last of the Summer Wine then you will be familiar with Holmfirth. A hilly ex-mill town (so situated because of its natural river resources and access to coal and labour) in the Heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It was a very picturesque place and, as usual, full of tourists. However, we hadn’t come for the sights, we had come for the Farmers Market. At the market I tried lots of lovely home produces pickles, jams, cakes and pies, talked to producers about their livestock and came out with a jar of Bengal Chutney from the very helpful people at Badger Preserves, chocolate from the delicious Camaya stall and some the nicest tasting pork pies ever. We stopped off for a farm made ice cream in Shelley on our way home and eventually got to watch Doctor Who at 5pm.

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