I really enjoy going to farmers markets. I love going round each stall examining what wares they have to sell. Sunday’s farmers market in Holmfirth was a bit small. The problem with having a market on a Sunday is you have to get up early in order that you can get to the market before everyone has packed up and gone away. We managed to get to the market on Sunday for about 12ish which meant we had about an hour before everyone packed up and went their way.

Anyway, the Holmfirth market, despite being small, had lots of lovely stalls. The usual favorites, Round Green Venison Farm, Yabba and Oslinc were there. As detailed in the previous post, we made some new friends in Camaya Chocolateiers and Badger Preserves. Because Holmfirth is like near Huddersfield way there were a few traders from round Halifax way and I’m sure I spied some chap from Rushholme which is Manchester way though I might have been mistaken.

One of the things I adore about going to these sorts of events is that a lot of these stalls let you try before you buy (Imagine what Tesco would be like if they let you open the packets of foods so that you could try the goods..hahahaha). At Wentworth Farmers Market (tiny event in Wentworth once a month) I was able to try all manner of things such as sausages, pickles and the pies, I even managed to bring tears to my eyes by eating really strong chilli pickle (from Gringley Gringo). Holmfirth market was no different (well it was, it was in Holmfirth, indoors and sadly no Gringley Gringo). While there, I was able to sample the finest pork pie I have ever tasted. The pie stall holder did a bespoke beef in ale pie but only had a sample but the two pork pies I bought were delicious in fact I had one last night with some of the Bengal Chutney I bought from Badger Preserves. Fantastic!

Other stalls included, wooden carved thingies (not very edible really and I am unfamiliar with wooden carved thingie farms), Soaps (the soaps had those bits in like they have in Lush. I like my soap as it comes really, rendered fat with a bit of lye chucked in for good measure) and a very interesting Honey stall. The honey stall had everything from honey to put on your bread to honey for rubbing into your head as some sort of shampoo thing and the man behind the counter was dressed up in a bee keepers costume. Unfortunately I didn’t get to look too closely because it felt like the other people I was with were hurrying me up because they hadn’t found anything of interest.

Never the less, it was a very interesting day and like I said I enjoyed sampling the fayre on offer and actually talking to the vendors. Talking to the people that produced the food is like adding a whole new dimension to the experience. Like can you imagine talking to Mr Golden Wonder about his Pot Noodles? or Mr Oxo about his Oxo cubes. It doesn’t happen really does it? So today I have found a list of local markets and my intention is to go to as many as I can, talk to the producers and sample their foods. Try it one day. Find your own local farmers market (if there is one) and say to the people behind the stall “Hello Can I have a try? Where do you get your ingredients from? My goodness this tastes great!”. It adds that extra dimension. Plus it is a great way to meet people who are passionate about their food. People that make and sell things not just for profit (which goes to them and not to some faceless executive in London), but for love.

Next weekend Ossett Farmers Market

ETA Other things I’ve done today include a) emailing all the producers that I bought from to say thank you for making lovely food and b) creating a google calendar so that I know when the next markets are.

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