Honley Show

It was crap.

I’m lying.

It was bloody fantastic!

The £7 ($14) per person to get in was just right. On entering we had to walk through the trade stands.

The first couple of stalls were just boring old countrywear stuff (like hats and coats) and a photographer and some people selling costume jewelry. But it wasnt long until we were busy trying out the chutneys at the Crusty Pie Company stall. I tried the Flaming hot Chutney which was surprisingly mild with a little tickle of chilli that sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Nothing like the Gringley Gringo stuff but never the less a fantastic chutney. (It actually went rather well with the Pork and Apple stuffing Pie we bought from the same stall).

Further exploration took us towards the Root Organics stall who deliver to parts of west and south Yorkshire. They had demonstrative boxes showing the differences between their boxes. I entered their competition (I wont win) and I am going to try and convince Mrs Gnomepants that we need to get their large mixed box. During the discussion we wandered into the Fair Trade tent and saw how they do good work for the producers in far off places who get paid next to nothing by the evil mega-corporations. Slavery eh? You think it was abolished? Hahahahaha. Anyway. Drink this water.

Next off we had a wander round to the other stalls. Cheese Cheese Cheese, who believe it or not sell socks cheese had a vast selection of different cheeses (we bought the Lancashire with apple cinnamon and raisin and some creamy ordinary lancashire).

We walked past the Venison stand and headed out past the vintage cars and over to the animal tents. Saw prize pigs, prize cows, prize goats, prize sheeps, alpacas, dogs, rabbits and loads of other animals.

After a brief lesson by the chef at Mustard and Punch (seriously go to the website, their dishes are really yummy) in how to cook turbot with oysters and braised lettuce, a look at the Oakwell Hall stand and some bee keepers we adjourned for lunch. I had a hot pork sandwich with stuffing and apple. Y-U-M!!

More animals and a look round the posh “we live in the countryside” cars before heading home. Like I said yesterday, I was absolutely knackered but I really enjoyed it.
Anyway, some pictures for you to oggle:-

Second place entry for the “Art from Fruit competition”

The other entries

The Pineapple thing was 1st place

Venison Ahoy! Not that we had any like. The queues were far too long

I took photographs of other events, kind of as a reminder.

A man terrorised children and 33 year olds dressed as a bee. I really don’t like it when people dress up in costumes like that. I would never relax in a place like Disney.

First place in the Rare Lamb Chop competition

Entrants for the Standing Around and Looking Gormless Class

This is what Elvis does now. He impersonates sheep. You should hear his version of Baa-break Hotel.

The sheep in the pens even get comfy chairs.

This isnt a sheep. This is a pig. It is a black pig. The bucket won in this round. Pig 0-Bucket 1

Entrants for the walking round in pink looking at tractors Competition

It was a farming show. Hence the tractors though technically this is a bulldozer.

Don’t forget the Penistone Farmers market!

The Root Organics Stall. The man in the red top has small child in a pink hat and an old lady’s head coming out of his belly . I think they are conjoined triplets.


Even the carpark had spectacular views of the Yorkshire dales

My dinner consisted of PIE, cheese and bread

Laced with not very hot or flaming chutney.