To my distress got a fifty-foot woman in a five-foot dress

I’ve taken a step further. My UCAS1 form has been completed and I paid my £5 administrative fee.

What next? Well I have to apply for financial support. This is the bit I need to concentrate on but I can’t really do much about until I know I have definitely been accepted onto the course. Also I have to consider part time work that pays enough. Ideally I dont want to work stupid late hours (I’m too old for all that late night shit) and I certainly don’t want to be working at weekends if I can help it. So far I’ve thought about taking up taxi driving as a means of financing my way through education but as it is only a 3 day a week thing I might explore the possibility of doing some temping work or delivery driving (ie Pizzas). However I’m sorely tempted to follow some self employed route. Even part time manual work seems tempting. If you change parts of your life you might as well go for as many changes as you can eh?

I also caught sight of my Jabba-the-Hutt like figure in the one way mirror today. So that’s something else I’ll be changing. If I get on the course I’ll be able to fit exercise into my daily routine and having no money will help on the healthy eating front. Also on the change front I’m thinking of a new look. I’m tired of my appearance and my hair length, being back to pre-2006 length, is starting to look like a failed attempt at a Bobby Charlton impression. I had my hair cut on Saturday. It cost me £5. If she’d charged me more than that I’d have called her a robbing cow and pointed at her in the street. Anyway, I’m thinning at the back. I’m growing my own tonsure.

So I’m fat, balding and starting to resemble Friar Tuck. Whereas you? Well you’re looking quite hot if I may say so. I like what you’ve done with your hair.

There are about 50 days until Gnomepants Tour 2007. Hopefully this time we won’t be interrupted by fucking solicitors and house moves. 2 weeks! Fucking A man! Fucking A!

1 If you are not familiar with the British Higher Education system, to get on a course you can’t just walk up to the college or university’s doors and say “Hey dude, I’d like to do a degree in Cross Stitch” and expect to start the course in September. No! Far from it. As with most things in Britland you have to fill in forms. Like if you want to have a baby you need to complete form B329d, or to increase your bowel movement quota you might complete form 2926w2; Even WDH use several forms for the variety of nefarious and sinister activities they conduct (Abducting a citizen – Form B1e8; Brainwashing a malcontent – Form 831x; Application for purchase of kebab meat – Form 3s831). It used to be several forms, one for Universities and one for Polytechnics. The University one used to be called UCCA and the Polytechnic one was PCAS.Now it is one all encompassing thing called UCAS. Oh and its on line.

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