Leaving day +1

As I said, last week I was asked to come into work on a “casual” basis until my replacement starts. So here I am, in work once again, rather than snuggled up tight in the warmth of my cosy bed. It feels weird.

The weekend was a mix of hangover and activity. Saturday saw the arrival of Meredith (my niece) who had been dropped off so that the wife could mind her for a few hours while the sister-in-law went into work. So my drunken slumber was cut short by her arrival. Still, I managed to eat my traditional bacon & sausage breakfast barm (two a month on a Saturday), read the Saturday papers and watch some breakfast news without too much interuption.

The rest of the day was spent mooching about on the computer, tidying up music files, playing games I never knew I had (command & conquer 2: red alert) and reading LJ’s. Then the evening came and with it a birthday barbecue for ex-LJer deranged86. My frail insides only could stomach lemonade and by 10pm I was going to the toilet every 15minutes. An early start on Sunday required us to leave about then anyway so we headed back up the hill from Grimethorpe to Brierley and navigated through the swarms of gnats, midges and mosquitoes.

Early Sunday morning start for the chav fest at Flamingoland. I had £5 remaining of my monthly spends and it had gone within 15 minutes of entering the park. Bloody good going I think. Of course, I was wandering round looking at how the park was laid out; making mental notes for Rollercoaster Tycoon strategies.

There are a lot of spinny rides there. I’m not too fond of spinny rides. Up and down side to side rides yeah, but spinny rides no. Flamingoland also had some new rides for 2007 including some soaky soaky rides. I didn’t bother with them either. However I did go on the log flume and got very very wet.

I also noticed how all the sit out side and eat places had a repeated tune piped through the speakers. I mused on the fact that this was probably to stop people from loitering and get them moving about the park. I can still hear one of them. At one point I was looking for a rifle and a tall building but thought better of it.

We came home via a Chinese all you can eat buffet and then headed straight to bed. So in all a rather active weekend.

Uni starts tomorrow.

I’m excited.

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