Music: Lists day Pt3


1990 – Vivaldi’s Gloria (dir J Greengrass) – St Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool
1990 – Fauré Requiem (dir J Greengrass & J Simms in assoc. St Julie’s Girls School, Woolton) – St Nicholas’ Church, Pier Head, Liverpool
1991 – Verdi Requiem (in assoc. British Federation of Youth Choirs) – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
1992 – Procession of Palms (Williamson) – Liverpool Anglican Cathedral for the opening of the Queens Walk
1992 – Walton’s Belshazaar’s Feast – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
1994 – Fauré Requiem (Liverpool Community College Choir)

Examinations and School pieces

1990 – Variety of pre World War II ballads Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, Carolina Moon (barber shop), fantasia of Glen Miller tunes
1991 – And You And I Yes; Leeks are Beautiful Errol The Hamster; Paint it Black (with Jean Pierre O Malley & the Geiger Muller Tubes); Christine (House Of Love version also with Jean Pierre O Malley & the Geiger Muller Tubes)
1992 – Silent Noon (Vaughan Williams); At Last the Bounteous Sun and With Joy The Impatient Husbandman (Haydn) – [St Edwards College Liverpool (Grade 5 Examinations & Music A Level (first attempt)]
1995 – Silent Noon (Vaughan Williams); The Trumpet Shall Sound (Handel); Under The Bridge (Red Hot Chilli Peppers); Blue Spanish Sky (Chris Isaak); Weep Ye No More Sad Fountain (Dowland); Night & Day, We’re A Couple of Swells and a variety of other pre-War ballads – [Liverpool Community College – Music A Level(second attempt)]

Christmas Carol Concerts

1989-2001 Bishop Eton Our Lady of Assumption Carol Service
1989-2003 Bishop Eton Church Choir @ Croxteth Hall (in aid of MacMillan Nurses)
1990 Rotary Club Carol Concert
1994 Liverpool Community College Carol Service
1995-1999 2001-present St Mary’s Blackheath, London

Other notable choral occasions

1989 – 1999 Various Choral events (though mostly Sunday Service) with Bishop Eton Church Choir
1991 – Guest appearance with University of Bristol Church Choir (St Pauls)
1993 – Liverpool Empire Theatre (compère Jeremy Beadle)

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