Wot I dun

Busy day today. Started with fiddling about with a picture for the IT module of my degree. This was then followed by journalistic writing and a personal tutorial. Yawn….

Of course I had my weirdo magnet on full today. I arrived this morning early and thought I’d do some work in the library. As I entered I noticed weirdo number 1. He hadn’t noticed me but instead of turning round and walking out I thought I’d risk sneaking past unnoticed. It didn’t fucking work. I made my way to the quiet working room hoping for some respite but the sod followed me! Not immediately you understand but after me sitting there for 2 minutes praying he wouldnt come in.
What’s worse when he came and joined me he started talking. I just glowered at him, motioned to my work with a “I’m trying to do some work” nod but still that didn’t work. So I couldnt contain myself any longer. I snapped. I said “Please shut up. I’m trying to do some work yeah?” That kind of worked. I really wanted to say “Fucking shut the fuck up and fuck off please you fucker” but I’m nice so I didn’t. So I rushed through what I had to do and made a well timed exit.

He wasn’t going to let that stop him. No matter how hard I tried today every time I was either sat or stood he was there like a fucking wasp. Buzzing round, muttering, asking pointless questions. What irritated me the most was how he started asking questions on behalf of other people “Can X have a handout Miss he wasn’t in this morning” (Fucking MISS! This is fucking university not kindergaarten!) when X had already been told to and had already taken hand outs. I mean I know he’s just trying to be nice but for fucksake!

Worse still he has to remind us every day about his fucking religious beliefs.

Lecturer (jokingly) – Yes so you need to get your alcohol tollerence levels up if you’re going to be a journalist
Weirdo 1 – But I dunt drink
Lecturer (caught off guard) – Indeed there are those that don’t drink.
Weirdo 1 – But I dunt drink because of me beliefs
Lecturer (obviously having been to some awareness seminar) – yes there are many like that
Weirdo 1 – But I dunt drink because of me beliefs, do you know why?
Lecturer – No
Weirdo 1 – Because am a christian. A dunt swear eever
stegzy Well I do…shut the fuck up!

Seriously he’s driving us all bonkers. Nobody wants him on their group. Nobody wants to sit near him. You can hear the noise as everybody’s hearts sink as he approaches. He mutters constantly, interupts with fucking pointless questions. Arrrrrrrrgh

Now outwardly I’m generally a nice guy. People warm to me eventually. I think I’m generally a tolerant person and I’m not normally the kind to be nasty unless there are extreme circumstances. But I tell you this….I’m >–< this close to telling him to fuck off next time he speaks to me. Seriously.

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