Friday sucked arse.

I had to clean the car out for a trip down to Peterborough. There was a lot of sandwich wrappers. I’m such a skank when it comes to my car. The afternoon was spent in the LRC at UCB (employment). I had intended to stay late and get more of my politics essay done but I neglected to remember that it shuts at 4:30 on a Friday.


Still I got my politics essay started and finished off my Journalistic writing essay.

Saturday morning was spend hurriedly doing more for my politics essay. This was cut short by time which, rather rudely, ran out. I then had to drive the 2 hr journey to Peterborough which wasn’t too bad. That evening we were at the reception of Sarah (Becky (jimrock‘s other half’s)’s sister) and Steve, whom we go camping with. It was lovely to see Becky’s family again, they’re really lovely people.

We stayed at the Thorpe Lodge Hotel, which is ok for £60 a night if not a bit tatty.

Sunday came and Mrs Gnomepants and I explored Peterborough (well the shops) and popped into the cathedral. I love architecture. Especially old architecture. It boggles the mind to think that most of it was constructed without the aid of JCBs or modern day cranes and the workmen all wore flat caps, unlike today’s workmen who wear gay looking hard hats.

When we got home, via the Toby Carvery in Wakefield, I was too knackered to do owt else so we just vegged out infront of Final Destination 3.

Today? Well today I’ve been doing “things”. I wont tell you what just yet. I’ll leave you guessing because it’s only the start and there may be more developments at a future date. I’ll keep you teased. After work this evening I did some more on my politics essay and now? Well now I just want to sleep, but I can’t because I’ve got more essay to write. Fuck bubbles.

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