Now look…see what has happened? I’ve only gone and turned 34. Fucking hell. I’m nearly a pensioner!

So what’s the news? Well a rather busy weekend doing fuck all really. Without feeling guilty.

Saturday afternoon was spent filming around St Mary’s Church in Barnsley. Just Mrs Gnomepants walking in and around the grave yard. nothing too exciting. Then the evening was spent stuffing my face with curry from Thaal. As usual the curry was fucking awesome. Big naans, really hot lime pickle and a dansak to die for. I had the Asian Style Lamb Tikka masala and announced that the next time I have indian food I’ll be having it with lamb. Lamb lends itself better to the flavours of indian cooking than chicken, I think.

Sunday. Sunday was a haze of keeping warm. I’ve tired of my computer lately and, whereas I would normally have spent the day battling zombies and building intricate cityscapes, games bore me these days. I blame the game producers, focussing their energies on fucking consoles rather than traditional platforms. They did the same with the Amiga and the Commodore 64. The PC as a game machine, I think, has had it’s day. So instead of wasting my life blowing shit up, I wasted my Sunday watching DVD’s in the warmth of the sitting room. Something I haven’t done in ages. I did manage to finally watch Die Hard 4.0 which I thought, though while I enjoyed it, shouldn’t have been made. Bruce Willis is like 84 these days. Think its time he started moving into costume drama or something. I know the Merrycans don’t have much history of their own (relatively speaking) but maybe he could play Lincoln or somebody? Or how about MacCarthy? Or Nixon? Or what about him trying to escape somewhere like Guantanamo Bay? That would be exciting I think.

Monday. Glorious Monday. Monday was, if you didn’t take the various hints, my birthday. I was 34. I got lots of lovely presents and many happy returns from lots of unexpected quarters (WDH for example). Even my class mates sang me happy birthday as I walked into class. Aww. Bless 🙂
The evening was again a quiet affair. A meal at the Three Horseshoes (12oz Rib eye Steak) followed by Da Vinci Code on DVD which I thought was a cheesy and cliched yet likeable yarn. So glad I’ve never wasted my life reading the books1

So what of the future? Well this week I’ll be getting pissed on Thursday and Friday (I hope) then the holiday begins and still I am unprepared. But you’ll have to read of those adventures at a later date….

1 – I have, however, read Holy Blood Holy Grail on which Da Vinci Code was so obviously built around (no matter what the courts say). HBHG was one of those books I read long ago, before esoteric, supernatural and metaphysical bollocks became popular. Of course I cannot possibly comment on Andrew Collins’ tome because clearly he is a bonker of stone.

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