The more eagle eyed of you will probably remember that 2007 was to be a potato free year for me.

The start of the year was good. Avoiding potatoes was initially easier than I thought. Probably because my main source of potato was crisps. Finding a maize based substitute was easy. My thanks and eternal praise to the makers of Space Raiders (15p a bag) and Doritos.

Even eating out was easy. Lack of funds and a wife bent on losing weight were good frameworks for avoiding the tuber. Of course there were one or two visits to restaurants where the potato served was simply pushed to one side.

At home it was easy too. From January right through to about July I was eating Yam instead of potato. Roasted yam made a delightful alternative and when the house crops of lettuce became harvestable, salads too became a staple diet.

Then in July something happened. I suspect it was depression. Though it could well have been some other distraction. Eitherway I found myself with a bag of crisps and, like tobacco, once you start you just can’t stop. My potato free year became a potato free six months.

Result wise? Well I didn’t gain or lose any weight. Surprisingly I didn’t halucinate either. So in all, a pointless and feeble task.

Next year? Well there is a plan afoot. More on that later.

Author: stegzy

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