So the problem with this time of year is the availability of all the sweet shite that the shops seem want to thrust in our faces. So far this week I’ve eaten more crisps, sweets and chocolate than I did last month. Worse still, the availability of yummy fruits such as satsumas, juicy juicy oranges and nuts means that I have been gorging myself on them too. If the current trend continues not only will I be lardier than Tubzy but I’ll probably have to take part in some sort of weight reducing regieme. Fortunately my trousers still fit for now but the true test will be when I don my smart shirt on Monday. If my collar doesn’t fasten it will indicate I’ve put weight on far more accurately than the bathroom scales. Of course the current trend will continue as the corporate greed machine rumbles ever closer to the compulsary high street Retail industry sponsored traditionally motivated avarice Season and more and more yumminess is thrust under my nose. I must resist. I must. Humbug anyone?