Mad Woman I vud like to renew my bookinks pleases
stegzy Certainly
**Scan card check record**
stegzy I’m sorry there are requests on three of your books you will need to bring them back
Mad Woman Vy?
stegzy Because your loan period has expired on these books and people are waiting to borrow them
Mad Woman Vell can’t zey be borrowinks other bookinks? Vy do zey vant zeez?
stegzy Probably because they are the only copies we have
Mad Woman Vell zat is stupidinkz Vy do zeez people vant to borrowinks zeez bookings? Vy?
stegzy Thats the nature of a library love
**Exit Mad Woman**
**Enter Mad Woman**
Mad Woman Vy? Vy do zeez peoplinks be need zeez bookinks? Vy?
stegzy I have no idea. Perhaps they need them for an assignment
Mad Woman Vell zat is stupidz. I’ve never heard of anythinkz so stupidz.

Of course it is all my fault