Inspired by my last post here are some works of literature in 140 characters or less.

King Solomon’s Mines – A map? Lets go. Here we are. Oooh look out. Oh no we’ve got no diamonds. We did have an adventure though.

Frankenstein – Lets build a man. Its a bit windy out there tonight. Ah it lives! Oh its killed people. Lets go to the North Pole. Its a bit chilly.

Five Go To Smugglers Top – Uncle Quentin wants us to go away. We’ll stay with his friend. Look secret passages. Look bad guys! Ha we’ve thwarted them with Ginger beer.

Odyssey – Fight! Right fuck off home. Bit windy. People think I’m dead. Lets go this way. He’s only got one eye. She’s pretty. Home now.

Harry Potter Sextology – I’m the weird kid at a weird school. He wants to kill me. But you’re dead! Shite now he’s dead. Hurrah!

Oliver Twist – Poor kid. Hungry? Fuck off. Hello will you rob this for me? Ta. Oooh you’ve got a benefactor. Hurrah Bills dead.

Lord of the Rings – Take this ring – drop it in there. Old guy is dead. No he’s not. Fight! Run away. Don’t trust the little guy. Home now.

Can you think of any?