Lay off the cheese before bed

For two nights in a row I’ve had some crazy bat shit dreams.

Tuesday night culminated in me trying to keep hold of a rather cheeky looking snake while walking through Woolton village and last night found me being asked by my boss to take a mature student home to perform sexual services as part of her degree, I was concerned by this not because it is totally not in my job description but because I have deadlines on Monday and it would have prevented me from doing my work. o_O

Coming up in the news for today:

Prescription drugs. Does putting in a prescription on Wednesday mean your drugs are available on Friday? We find out.
Selling your house. Why might people not want to buy my lovely house?
Taking time off work. As deadlines loom, more and more student assistant librarians are taking time off to finish assignments. Will 3 ½ hours extra work really make that much of a dent in one’s output?
Goodfella’s Meat Feast Pizza. It claims to be a new and improved recipe but still there isn’t enough cheese. We find out why.
And toast. Do you know which side your toast is buttered?

Author: stegzy

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