Exam was tough, went well for the most part I think but then I always go to pieces in exams. I never seem to remember anything.

Weekend was lovely. Nice walks in the May sunshine looking at the hawthorn in full bloom and the nice cooling breeze making what probably would have made the outdoors horridly hot and sweaty into a beautiful English spring day.

Seeing lots of big houses in the middle of nowhere strikes me with the same question it always does. What is it that the people that live in them actually do for a living? I mean Warwickshire is not exactly renown for its bustling cities (The nearest “big” city is Coventry and that is actually in the West Midlands county. There are few big employers locally and they can’t all be shop keepers and post mistresses.

It’s interesting looking at North Warwickshire as a whole. Agriculturally there are loads of farms but very few farm shops. The villages that have shops appear to be commuter dormitories with very little in the way of sustainable businesses. There are pubs in the middle of nowhere which seem to do a roaring trade in food but wet sales, I imagine, don’t amount to much. Even village shops seem to be in low supply, the people that live in these villages seem to prefer to travel the 20 mile round trip to their local supermarket than to shop local and post offices seem to also be in low supply. Is this what country life has become? Shops and pubs now converted into luxury country retreats for those with “specialist” jobs?

I think I might have the subject of the documentary for my third year here…….

In other news I some how appear to have volunteered myself to help the local Arts Centre here in Barnsley promote itself. My time though is at a premium so it is likely that such work will be brief. The clock is ticking. It doesn’t appear that people are racing. Now is the time not to become complacent. Time to be proactive. After getting my Warcraft characters up a level.

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