Exam was tough, went well for the most part I think but then I always go to pieces in exams. I never seem to remember anything.

Weekend was lovely. Nice walks in the May sunshine looking at the hawthorn in full bloom and the nice cooling breeze making what probably would have made the outdoors horridly hot and sweaty into a beautiful English spring day.

Seeing lots of big houses in the middle of nowhere strikes me with the same question it always does. What is it that the people that live in them actually do for a living? I mean Warwickshire is not exactly renown for its bustling cities (The nearest “big” city is Coventry and that is actually in the West Midlands county. There are few big employers locally and they can’t all be shop keepers and post mistresses.

It’s interesting looking at North Warwickshire as a whole. Agriculturally there are loads of farms but very few farm shops. The villages that have shops appear to be commuter dormitories with very little in the way of sustainable businesses. There are pubs in the middle of nowhere which seem to do a roaring trade in food but wet sales, I imagine, don’t amount to much. Even village shops seem to be in low supply, the people that live in these villages seem to prefer to travel the 20 mile round trip to their local supermarket than to shop local and post offices seem to also be in low supply. Is this what country life has become? Shops and pubs now converted into luxury country retreats for those with “specialist” jobs?

I think I might have the subject of the documentary for my third year here…….

In other news I some how appear to have volunteered myself to help the local Arts Centre here in Barnsley promote itself. My time though is at a premium so it is likely that such work will be brief. The clock is ticking. It doesn’t appear that people are racing. Now is the time not to become complacent. Time to be proactive. After getting my Warcraft characters up a level.

The answer

The answer to yesterdays conundrum was

I found the cottage cheese in the fresh meat section. Because, yes, that is the first place you would think of looking for cottage cheese. I am obviously stupid. I will go and kill myself right away.

Its another one of those days where things don’t go as planned. I had intended on swatting up for my exam but people and things just get in the way. Which means that as I had planned a whole day swatting I will now be spending a whole half day swatting instead.

I’ve lost half a day. Damn me and my procrastination. Though I have managed to listen to the whole of Portishead’s Third album about 6 times and, further to this, managed to learn about Gauntlet, Chomsky and Adorno. None of whom will probably come up on the exam. I hate exams.

Homework club

Does Gauntlett’s (1998) article about media effects mean there is no point in looking at them? Discuss

Wait weight Wayte

Yesterday I managed to compile a 2000 word rationale for the website design module of my degree. So what? Well I managed to stuff it into Word within 3 hours. It’s probably pants but I’m past caring. The bonus of the day was managing to get a 3 week extension on the other item that was due in yesterday. I’m very close to the end of the course now. I need to attain 40 hours of work experience – 37 of those I have in the wings as I’ve managed to get a week at the local newspaper at the end of this month. I also have an exam left to do at the start of May. From then on….I need to find something to see me through the summer work wise.

If you’ve listened to my TV channel VLog whatever thing you’ll know I had an unpleasant experience with a set of scales at the local supermarket. I have done my dutiful citizen bit and grassed Tescos up to the Trading Standards people. Hehehheee

This morning I pondered on how we haven’t really progressed as a social culture since the 1950’s. We have. But not in the huge leaps and bounds of the previous centurys. I’m sure people will disagree. But I don’t care frankly.

I’ve noticed there is a rising culture of people who are unable to communicate. People who just stand expecting that you should know what it is they want. Or people that say “Can I have a binder?” and you then have to ask what kind of binder they mean or what size or what colour. Instead of asking for specifics.

I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow. Only for the day, not for booze or owt. I’m too poor for all that. I’ll just go see my olds and then if they’re not about I’ll go see other people.

I’m rapidly losing steam. I’ve been falling asleep in my chair again. It’s like I drift off and then wake up. It’s quite annoying really. It could be dangerous if I was driving at night.

The wife came home from her holiday in Florida yesterday. She came laden with chocolates, root beer and other goodies. She also brought me some twinkies. I’ve always wanted to try twinkies. I just have to say, they’re disgusting and I don’t know how you Merrycans can eat them.


You know when you’re baking a cake (yes, baking. That’s what people did BT (Before Tescos)) and it fills your kitchen with the lovely aroma of cakey goodness but you can’t take it out of the oven yet because it’s not ready and otherwise it will be ruined?

Well that’s what my 4 minute film is like. Its cooking really nicely (in a metaphorical sense) and it looks first class. However there is still one piece of film to add before the final edition. I’m really really pleased with it. Moreover I’m in a quandary. Next year I have to choose, film & radio or writing & radio. There is no option for writing and film. I really want to do writing and film.

Radio is arse. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the radio module, but in the UK unless you’ve got experience in a live radio situation you’ve got as much chance of getting a job in radio as Rabbi Moses Goldsburgstien has of becoming Pope. In effect it is of no consequence. But I’m going to bring it up at my next personal tutorial.

Also today, I started my magazine cover. The assignment brief asks for us to design a full page cover of a magazine catering for young people (16-25…ageist bastards) and so I’m going to do Young Foodie which will cover Local food issues for young people….or something like that.

Last night the wife and I dined on finest Broad Close Farm Shop Pork and Apple Sausages. They were accompanied by mashed potato (made by the wife) and cabbage with an onion and mushroom jus (gravy). If I say so myself they were bloody good sausages! The gravy was also spot on. However the bacon we bought from Hazelhead Hall seems to be off. So I doubt we’ll be going there again.

I’ve been watching Juno too…..

Crimson Fog

An uneventful weekend, partly down to the amount of work I have to do.

Friday I spent the day in Huddersfield checking out the University campus and the library. As you would expect, it is very modern looking. It felt really weird actually using a library to do study rather than sit behind a desk and change passwords for students. I could get used to it. However, even though I was able to track down 3 of the books (and I found a further 4) that would aid me in my current task, I had to return to Barnsley for a brief while as there were a few books there that I could use. So I did something I haven’t done in a long long while. I borrowed books! From the Library! Wow! I feel so…..”Studenty”

Friday it was also revealed that Mrs Gnomepants would be joining Huddersfield Uni too (Huddersfield Uni is the awarding body for University Centre Barnsley). She is doing some free course in something I can’t even imagine to comprehend. She started today.

Saturday was just as weird as Sunday. A wife free weekend (she was out partying in Birmingham) involving hours of study. I don’t know what it is lately but I’ve been experiencing time loss. Yesterday I noted that it was in fact 11:50am (when I thought it was actually about 2pm) but the next time I checked the same clock it was getting on for 4pm. Now I’d understand if I was enchanted by work or some task or other but all I did was move some speakers and type up about 100 words for an essay I’m doing. Yet there we go….nearly 4 hours had passed. It felt like minutes.

Tomorrow, as with every Tuesday, I have a full day in Uni. Before that though I have to have my annual flu jab which always makes me feel queezy. So no doubt come tomorrow afternoon I’ll be hot and headachey and wanting to go home.


Most of the ICT support staff (75% of us) are off work either on holiday or with some virulent lurgy. Me? Well I called into the LRC in the UCB to be told I can start when I get my starter pack (which should have arrived on Saturday). Chaos. So here I am in the helpdesk in NEW (there’s nothing new about it love) college, 25% of the ICT support people, fending off phone calls and avoiding students. Imagine had I called in today to say “I’m not coming in dude!”. Wow!

Home life is active. The weekend was spent shopping, eating and trying to track down a restaurant I’d spotted while travelling at warp speed through Darfield. This week I’m probably going Most likely definitely going to be attempting to get my course work out of the way. It’s already mounting up!

Incidently you’ll notice I’ve been doing a lot of friends only posts of late. This is purely to avoid prying work like eyes snooping about. The other day I was stood outside UCB enjoying the air when someone walked past and said “You look rather angry on your Facebook Picture”. Me? Angry? Must be some mistake.

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