Most of the ICT support staff (75% of us) are off work either on holiday or with some virulent lurgy. Me? Well I called into the LRC in the UCB to be told I can start when I get my starter pack (which should have arrived on Saturday). Chaos. So here I am in the helpdesk in NEW (there’s nothing new about it love) college, 25% of the ICT support people, fending off phone calls and avoiding students. Imagine had I called in today to say “I’m not coming in dude!”. Wow!

Home life is active. The weekend was spent shopping, eating and trying to track down a restaurant I’d spotted while travelling at warp speed through Darfield. This week I’m probably going Most likely definitely going to be attempting to get my course work out of the way. It’s already mounting up!

Incidently you’ll notice I’ve been doing a lot of friends only posts of late. This is purely to avoid prying work like eyes snooping about. The other day I was stood outside UCB enjoying the air when someone walked past and said “You look rather angry on your Facebook Picture”. Me? Angry? Must be some mistake.