Took myself away this weekend as respite from the awful exam.

While away I resisted the urge for Chineefoo and yummies but not for geocaching. Found a few caches, saw the Rollright stones which are obviously a former kraal for cattle, bits of which have been moved about by some ancient errant farmer in days past. None of that floaty vagina bollocks here I’m sorry. Yeah I get stone henge and I get other ancient monuments but sorry, to me I just don’t get the same vibe with the Rollrights. Call me cynical, call me misguided, but to me they are nothing more than the remains of a former cattle haven. Or maybe a barrow that never got finished. We’ll never know.

Fortune for choosing the right weekend to go away did not become apparent until this afternoon. After a day in the rain walking round shops trying to convince the owners that the Civic was open, I took myself into Uni with the intent to do some CV writing and job searching. Alas this was not to be. I was greeted by an awful stench and three whopping great industrial vacuum cleaners, of the type that suck up water.

It transpires that on Friday the skeleton staff were shocked to notice that little pools of water were forming in the carpet. As they were flapping and wondering what to do the pools became ponds and the ponds became a giant lake.


Shiney Carpet!



Wet books!




Wet wet wet

Glad I was off. It would have been a very soggy Friday.

Car goes in for an MOT tomorrow. I have no money. I need a job. No change there. Or, for that matter, down the side of the couch.