The story so far.

Saturday morning was spent doing the little jobs I don’t feel confident doing on my own with my dad. This included:-

  • Screwing the loose floorboard down (It started to split when I attempted it myself)
  • Affixing door furniture onto the back door

After lunch we headed over to Cawthorne. Cawthorne is a quiet little village on the outskirts of Barnsley. Its a posh place. You can tell this by the art gallery shop, the spotlessly clean gastropub and the antique shop. Mrs Gnomepants had wanted to look around the antique shop for somebody elses unwanted tat. The search went well and we obtained a bargain mahogany blanket box for £20. Not going to turn my nose up at something like that.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent walking round Cannon Hall then heading off to the , Wetherby Whaler for tea before parting company with the olds and returning home to watch some DVDs

Sunday has been active. I drove back to Cawthorne to get the blanket box then I updated my CV to show my shop and bar work experiences. This afternoon, the wife and I have been feverishly putting our DVD/VHS collection into the Void. The VHS collection has been whittled down that little bit further too. I’ve tried to just keep those films hard to come by on DVD these days. I may have to wait for the images to appear on Usenet now rather than rent n rip or buy the films.

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