The weekend

Clair, Scott and I went to Clitheroe in Lancashire on Saturday.

I love Clitheroe, theres fuck all there but its cute and olde worlde and has a fantastic world famous sausage shop. I bought 6 Pork Cumberlands 4 of which where eaten last night….delish!

We also went for a pub lunch at a pub in Clitheroe called the “Victoria”. Smashing food, shit beer. I hate that. When you go to a pub and it looks all olde and lovely only to get in and find all they sell is fucking Tetleys. I’d sooner drink my own spit than drink Tetleys. Tetleys is fucking rank. OK?! Thats my final word on the matter.

We then took Scott home and I tried something completely unusual…

I had a curry! Yeah! A CURRY! I say I dont like curry. That is true, I dont. I find them either too creamy or the smell knocks me sick. The cream would give me heartburn and the smell would make me barf. Not a nice combination but hey…thats me. Anyway I had my “curry” (a chicken dansak), a popadum and a naan bread with dips. I still prefer middle eastern stuff, but it wasnt as nasty as I thought it might have been. In fact it was quite pleasant. The rest of Saturday was spent at Jims, where much was drunk and I was introduced to Jims Brother Simon, who looks like Jims dad. We spent the majority of the evening singing shockingly bad 90’s rock music.

The Sunday was spent shopping, doing odds and sods and watching Harry Potter 3 which was alright but I felt was a bit rushed. Not as good as the book but then that is to be expected. I suspect that Hitchhikers Guide will be equally as rushed. Oh I watched Amazon Women on the Moon , which still makes me chuckle, though I watched that on Friday night….

Now I am going to smear my face with marmalade have to knuckle down and do some work. Rumours are abound that I have been set a task to complete. Arse……

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