User: I need to do this really simple task that’s been complicated far too much by TPTB
stegzy I see. Well you will need to fill in a form and hand it into the helpdesk
User: A form right…
stegzy Yes a form.
**get form,
**Melt snow dwarf with hot lance
**Give form to undergrad
stegzy – So take this form, fill it in and hand it in to the helpdesk
User: Ok
stegzy Then read this leaflet and this leaflet and everything should be fine
User: (looking confused) Sure ok…**shows form** so I fill this form in and hand it in to the helpdesk?
stegzy **icy stare** No you bend over and I shove the fucking piece of useless bureaucracy up your shit pipe so far, that it comes out of your ears and cleans out the waxy build up.

Well…maybe I didn’t say the last bit…but you wish I did….