Joker of the day

stegzy – Helpdesk Drive Thru
User: Hello I’m Professor Importantpants. I am unable to log into my computer this morning and I have a really important game of golf to arrange
stegzy – Ok and are you getting any error messages?
User: Yes I am. I am getting that message that tells you there is no network connection
stegzy Ah ha! Please can you check that the network cable is connected to the back of your PC and to the network socket on the wall.
User: **snort of contempt** Would you send someone out to do that please?
stegzy : Oh I’m sorry are you not at your PC
User: why yes! But I I’m far too busy to do that.
stegzy: Unfortunately I cannot send out a technician to check whether or not your cable is connected to the back of your PC and the wall socket
User: exasperatedHrrmph! Oh really! Wait…

Listen to scrabbling
listen to huffing and puffing
Muffled “bloody cleaner”
Listen to sighing
Listen to tappity tap tap of keystrokes

User: oh…yes that works now. Bye

Stupid lazy fucker could have had to wait 8hours if I had been able to send out a technician. Didn’t even say thankyou either….