Things I’m going to do when I’m a Student

  • Deliberately forget my password regularly
  • Approach IT Support and ask them questions I know the answer to and act daft when they provide me with the solution
  • Ignore every sign and notice
  • Work off a floppy disk for the whole time I am there.
  • a) I will not keep a backup of any important work, in fact I will keep the most important work on this floppy disk.
    b) I will then put the disk next to a magnet before putting into a toaster and demand that the IT Support people put it right again
    c) Obtain a 5 1/2 inch floppy from somewhere and insist that they provide me with the means to extract data from it

  • Be Pro Mac to Windows biased IT support staff
  • Be Pro Microsoft to Mac biased IT Support staff
  • Call the helpdesk at 5 minutes before they close with a complex software issue
  • Call the helpdesk every day with some inane and awkwardly difficult task, request or question

Do you know? I’m really going to enjoy this….:-D