I have a sore thumb

I watched my mum and dad arrive yesterday on the Gate Cam (offline at the moment). It was lovely to see them on my return home. My mum was a bit upset that the house was spotless and she couldnt do any cleaning as such though she did have a go (my mum loves tidying and cleaning. She’ll moan about untidiness and uncleanliness but if everything is spotless she’ll figet and moan that she can’t do any tidying).



Came home last night and nearly died. My shed door was wide open. Initial thought was “Fuckers!! They’ve nicked everything”. This swiftly turned to “OMG! They’re still here” as I saw a beany hatted head stick its head out in reaction to my approaching car. Thoughts then resolved to “Ah tis only Dominic the electrician”.

Dominic, the cool electrician (he never grumbles, works like a horse and always has a smile on his face) had come to replace our external lights for PIR lights. He is also fitting us a new house alarm (the one he fitted during the rewire didn’t come up to our standard) and has fitted a nice shiny new security light above the garage door.

This now means that when the light is triggered at night my Gate Cam gets a nice clear image of the car and starts taking pictures. Ace! We are also toying with the idea of putting a couple of wireless webcams around the property and getting a crappy Pentium III running W2K and the old 6GB HD I have knocking about. Thing is I don’t want to pay for the PIII. I have a PII but I don’t think that would be powerful enough nor do I think I can find some old webcam software the same standard as WebcamXP. Especially as I had a clear out of all my redundant
Win9x/ME software disks recently.

We took a trip to B&Q too last night. It was eerie walking round B&Q at 7pm. It was as if we were the only people in there. But we managed to get a nice lock for the back door, some energy saving light bulbs and some batteries for the weighing scales. We got back just in time to catch Five Days which watches like some cheap clone of 24 only without explosions and Edward Woodward looking old and fat.

In other news, the nicely painted kitchen needs to be painted again. The wife has decided that the paint currently in use isnt splash resistant enough for use in a kitchen. Currently it is a nice subtle bluey greeny white but it is getting scuffed and there are splashes where the dishwasher is.

I also need to have a look at the drains. The one where the sink and dishwasher empties gets blocked by gunk. I think I need to remove the metal grille and raise it beyond the bottom of the outflow pipe. DIY is not one of my strong points but I’ll give it a whirl.

Today’s juice contained


I didn’t have any. It looked rank. But the wife enjoyed it.


I am fairly certain Friday started twice this morning. I distinctly remember turning off my alarm and getting out of bed to get ready for work…but then the alarm went off and I was in bed again. Hmmm…..

I don’t feel sufficiently cured enough nor strong enough to go to the pub after work tonight. I’ve not smoked since Sunday and I know if I go to the pub I’ll want a ciggy. So I wont go. Instead I’ll just sit at home and potter about.

Tomorrow the Nickster is visiting with Sarah which I’m quite excited about.

Sunday I need to drill things. Which means I need a drill. Which means going to B&Q. But I can’t be arsed.



My skin crawls at the thought of it.


Guess what?

The shelves are too high for tiny wives. So kitchen people are back to remove the top cupboards.

This is a boon though because it also means that the plasterer will be able to replaster the wall all nice but the plaster will have to dry for a few days before we can put the cupboards back up, Thursday probably. Just when I thought I had a nice new kitchen…..Theres still loads of tidying to do, but yesterday we managed to put a great deal of stuff back onto the shelves but the house is looking kind of back to what it was. I think I should have it all done by Wednesday.

In other news, the house is now 80% dust free in preparation for our impending visitations. Friday will see a visit from my olds, which will be great cos I haven’t seen them in ages and Saturday, if all is still going to plan, Nick & Sarah will be coming over the Pennines on a visit, I’m really looking forward to seeing them both and using my new kitchen to cook up a feast beyond all imaginations.

I also nearly did something very silly today. I topped my car up with oil but neglected to screw the filler cap back on. Fortunately I’d only driven to the end of the drive when I realised. :-S Close call!

Busy busy….I don’t feel like I’ve had a weekend this weekend *yawn*


The kitchen is but a shell of a room. It’s plaster removed to the brick. The units are scattered and dismantled. The living room has a nice new dishwasher, oven and fridge in shiney boxes. It’s gonna be fun and games. Wifey is a bit poorly though and the noise and dust probably wont help.

Plasterer said the existing plaster on the walls is in too bad a condition for him to do a good job so has suggested we replaster each wall room by room. Therefore a tactical meeting was held and the order of action is as following –

Kitchen – Living Room – Main Bedroom – Bathroom – Dining Room – Back bedroom – Hall and Landing. The pantry will also need doing at some point.

Everything is running to schedule though so I am pleased. Especially as the kitchen will be ready in plenty of time for Nick & Sarah’s visit in December…I’m so looking forward to cooking in my new shiney kitchen 😀


Went to look at the dust bowl that was my house last night. To be honest it wasnt that bad. Of course everything was covered in a thin film of brick and plaster dust but they’d been really industrious and managed to channel out most of the wall sockets and light switches. There were a few mystery holes here and there but I’m sure they’ll explain those when I pop round tonight after work.

Despite having no shower, no peace and sticky babies clambering all over me I know it was a good idea to move into Lindsey’s temporarily, even if her TV viewing choices are questionable. Like its Sci-Fi Season on BBC4!! I want to watch that not bloomin Corry…Of course this is a classic example of the TV companies conspiring against me,as they do. It seems like whenever I’ve got something on or I’m away or having something done involving electrics or summat, the TV channels show good stuff. Then when I’ve finished so does the good programming. Or worse! If I really like a programme it gets cancelled! I can’t understand it. Supermarkets used to conspire in the same way and stock stuff I’d like then mysteriously withdraw it from sale and never be able to get it in again. Heinz Pepperoni Pizza, Squirt, Quattro and old style Boost bars for example. I saw through that….and started shopping locally 😉 That’ll teach ’em.

Home again Home again jiggedy jig

Just a quicky before the wife gets back from the shop and bollocks me for not unpacking stuff.

I am back in Liverpool for my last Saturday in Gnomepants Cottage. Wales was wet. Thanks to all who texted, angelhands and I played guess the textee though I suspect I only guessed who 2 out of the 6 texters were and that was because 1 signed their name (**waves @ das_ketzchen)

And yes….it rained. But cleared up when we had packed everything up and driven out of Aberdaron.

In other news. We have exchanged contracts. Computer systems and financial hiccups aside we should be out of Liverpool and in Brierley from Monday evening. But sadly broadband free for a few days….