Dust everywhere. Cant get over the dust. EVERYWHERE!! Think I’m gonna need to throw a dusting party or something.

Hopefully it will all be over at the end of the week. Kitchen people are coming on Wednesday and the plasterer some time during the week and boy has he got his work cut out for him! Hooo! Glad I’m not doing it!

So following Fridays news of goutiness I wanted to go out and get absolutely leathered. Of course this didn’t happen. Spent a quiet Saturday evening round at Scott & Laura’s new pad. Their flat is like our old house only on one floor. Barratt designed houses all appear similar. Nice place though with views of a Building Training yard and Wakefield.

Sunday was an experiment in dust (have I mentioned that it was dusty?) and was rounded off with two episodes of Lost courtesy of Lindsey’s Sky Plus. I’ll be buggered if I’m paying twice for the privilege. Pay enough with bloody TV licence without paying again to see a load of repeats! Though I do like the PVRs, they are fairly sexy.

The clock is ticking for my annual appearance at St Mary’s of Blackheath Christmas Carol Service (10th December, Blackheath London…normally about 5pm. Check church for details)

In other news….welcome to Livejournal the lovely deranged86 , I’m hoping its the person I think it is anyway but she’s new to LJ.

Anyone wanna buy some dust?

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